Tiny Schedule
The simplest appointment scheduler for solopreneurs
Nestor Koylyak | Founder | nestor@tinyschedule.com
1. Independent service providers spend way too much time on scheduling & back-and-forth routine communication.
2. Solutions like Calendly & Square are complex with a ton of features.
3. A lot of the people are low-tech users who need a straightforward solution to their problem
Tiny Schedule is a simple scheduling app for independent service providers (micro-businesses).

Our app provides a calendar, and a booking link to book clients both manually and automatically.
Growing market
Due to COVID-19 beauty salons/barbershops had hard times and many would not be able to recover. Therefore, we see a growing trend for independent professionals who work for themselves.
They can not afford a dedicated administrator and that creates a niche for a tool like TinySchedule.
Tiny Schedule is ranked #1 in the US AppStore for "appointment scheduler" keyword

App downloads - 10 000+
MRR growth - 43% month over month

Business model
– Freemium app
– Pro features like advanced scheduling, email reminders, etc are available with a Premium subscription
Square for appointments
Acuity Scheduling
Tiny Schedule
Build-in payments
Customizible website
Application only
How big is the pie?
Revenue per user per year
2 mln
# of potential clients in the US (~0.6% of the US population)
$360 mln
  • Nestor Koylyak
    Founder & CEO
    Nestor founded BloknotApp (SaaS for beauty salons) in 2017. Got accepted into the biggest startup accelerator in Easter Europe - Startup Wise Guys and raised angel investment. The company is profitable but after Covid-19 Tiny Schedule was born and now the entire team is working on it.
We are looking for financing to reach 5000 paying users and 300k in ARR / 25k in MRR.
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